Design Studio

Sam Trimble

M.Arch Harvard / B.Arch Cornell
Fulbright Scholar Italy (Sicily).
AD100 cover, James Beard Award finalist for restaurant design.

@ Harvard - student of Rafael Moneo, teaching assistant for Jorge Silvetti.
@ Peter Marino - project manager/project designer 3 1/2 years.
@ David Rockwell - studio leader 4 1/2 years.

Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Founding board member with Dustin Yellin.

Professional / Code / Technical Studio

James Trimble

Trimble Architecture, President
RA New York, California, Alaska, Texas.

Inventor of a monocoque bicycle frame technology that was banned by the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) for being ahead of it’s time - the airfoil shape created an unfair aerodynamic advantage over conventional tube frames.


Jason Iplixian

RA New York, B.Arch Cornell.
Project Manager/Project Designer. Collaborator for 12 years. Also fluent in Greek, French

Leader on the Stanford White townhouse, the Gramercy Park residence, Lady M Cake Boutiques, and a country house on Antiparos in Greece.

Ryan Bemberg

B.S. in Arch / M.Arch Texas Tech.
Project Manager / Project Designer. Collaborator for 11 years. Also fluent in Portuguese

Leader on the Hudson River Estate, Ward Bennett house in Southampton, and a townhouse specialist (Canal Street, 13th Street, Berry Street). 

Industrial Design - custom hardware, lighting, plumbing, furniture

Roo Trimble

Thesis prize in industrial design for a carbon fiber racing wheelchair (to this day hanging over the desk of the head of the industrial design department).
Patent holder for innovative compression bladder bicycle frame suspension.
More recently Roo has designed, engineered, and fabricated an innovative 3 wheeled car called the Roopod.

Brent Trimble

Spartan College of Aeronautics.
Patent holder for a one piece composite bicycle frame building process that revolutionized an entire industry.
Founder of Kestrel Bicycles, patent sold to Trek, and the rest is history. His GT Superbikes raced in the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics. 


Pablo Anwar
B.S. in Arch, Texas Tech
Managing Director of Special Project

David Lally
B.Arch, U.Dublin
Senior Project Manager - lofts, townhouses

Adam Boardman
B.Arch, U.Dublin
Junior Project Manager

Joe Kobayashi
B.Arch, Pratt
Project Manager

Paula Vidal
M.Arch Polytechnic of Barcelona / B.Arch Polytechnic of Valencia,
Project Manager

David Trimble
Founder Redhook Criterium - the F1 of fixed gear bicycle races
Project Manager - design build services

Claudette Buelow
Bookkeeping (independent contractor)

Svetlana Kozelkova
Strategic planning (independent contractor)