Date: 2001
Size: 2350 sq/ft
Client: Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi + Saatchi worldwide
Location: New York

Cover of Architectural Digest, AD 100 2004. 
Inspired by a description found in an old Encyclopedia Britannica: "tectonic caves are formed by a mass movement of bedrock. The rocks separate along joints or fractures, and are pulled apart mechanically. The resulting cave has nearly planar walls with matching patterns on opposite sides. The ceiling is often a flat bed of rock that did not move or that moved along some different fracture. The floor of a tectonic cave consists of massive bedrock. Larger tectonic caves have a grid pattern that matches the pattern of the fractures or joints." - W.B. WH. 

Project manager - Sam Trimble
Lighting design - Clark Johnson
Photography -  Paul Warchol